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Monday, April 4, 2011


The Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction in Omaha, Nebraska was founded by Dr. Thomas Hilgers and his wife Sue in 1985.

Creighton Model Fertility Care System (CrMS), an advanced natural family planning system which links gynecologic and procreative healthcare and health maintenance.
Natural Procreative Technology), a new women's health science that monitors and maintains a woman's reproductive and gynecological health. It provides medical and surgical treatments that cooperate completely with the reproductive system.

The American Academy of Fertility Care Professionals (AAFCP) is another resource to find pro-life fertility care help. They address all sides of infertility including the emotional aspect.

The Billings Ovulation Method is a method of natural family planning based on the observation of the woman's cervical mucus and was developed by Drs. John and Evelyn Billings. It is less complicated than the Creighton Model Fertility Care System and therefore a good way to start monitoring one's fertility. They provide World Wide Services.

One More Soul is a global supplier of educational resources fostering God's plan for love, marriage, and procreation.

Couple to Couple League provides information, teaching and support for couples using or wanting to learn about Natural Family Planning.

FertilityCare Centres of Europe 
We provide information about Creighton Model FertilityCare services and NaProTechnology in Europe.

Priests for Life have interesting articles and links dealing with the issue of contraception and natural family planning.

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