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Monday, April 27, 2009

At a time of disappointment

O Jesus!
  My Eucharistic Lord you alone truly know me 
you search the depths of my very soul ,
 you know all my perplexities and fears....
I trust you, I trust you!
You know the longings and deepest desires of my heart,
I bow before your Holy Will, for all prayer is not of me,
 but is your Spirit whispering within me.
Your silent NO is born of your LOVE!
I trust that your answer then will be at a better time,
a greater grace, or a better gift.
I trust you...
Receive all my tears
and transform them into blessings for souls!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Unless you become...

In the deepest recesses of the human heart of every grown man and woman is a child......the child within is the most authentic part of our being, that which is without
pretension, affectation, the true, the humble self......

This is the child God wants to pick up and lay upon his breast, this is the child that Mary wants to feed and nurture unto eternal life, the true little, authentic self.....

Man may strive to make all kinds of heroic efforts to please God, serve God, pray to God, but what God desires is simply our hearts and love....that gift is within the possibly of all, and that is Gods justice, wisdom and love.....

Behold the Parenthood within the Trinity... that is our mirror.

Part II from a Poor Clare Colettine Sister (TMD community)

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Little Child

I have been asked about Spiritual is a beautiful gift of grace to trust in God as a little child, and there are many words in scripture that reveal to us that we are so unto God.

To be as a child before God is totally contrary to the spirit of this world which would try and educate us in power seeking, exploitation, and self  seeking.....

A child seeks to love in simplicity of heart, it looks to those entrusted with its parenthood for all its needs..... this is how God would have us to.... why otherwise would he reveal himself as Father and also give us in his great wisdom and love a heavenly MOTHER ?

We all know times of suffering, pain and disappointment, the pain can be so deep that words fail us totally, at such times place yourself on the heart of your heavenly Mother, climb into the arms of the Father... and simply pour out your tears, for God and Mary love you , understand you as no other ever can or will.

Never fear your littleness and vulnerability it will draw Gods compassion down upon you. 

Sent by a Poor Clare Colettine Sister
Wales (UK)

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